Mobile Imaging is here !

It’s here……..the JewelMaster Imaging Android App

As always, we listened to our customers and we delivered a solution that meets their needs

JewelMaster EPOS users have already had the ability to take multiple images of Repairs and Specials at all stages of the task progress. Now users can also use a dedicated Android mobile device to take close up images of Repairs, Specials and Stock and for those images to automatically connect with the correct Repair, Special or Stock Item. It means users can still take advantage of their light box or other auto focus setup, but they can also take swift clear focused images from another source; their Android device

As soon as your customer arrives in the store and presents their item for repair, your staff can immediately take a close focus clear image of the item with little fuss; and for the image to automatically attach to the repair.

Focus. Take Image. Scan. Upload. Four simple steps. Everybody can take mobile phone snaps. That is all that is required. Arrange, tilt, zoom in; click. Scan the Repair on screen and then Send. That’s it. Done

If you would like to use the Android App

We will set up your server for you so it is an easy process

Please download Jewelmaster Android download


Mobile Imaging is here !