JewelMaster Catalogues supbackoffice_cataloguesport multiple supplier catalogues

We provide many supplier catalogues (Pandora, Links, TrollBeads, Kit Heath, Chamilia, Eurocast, Fenion, Hirsch, Nominations, Clogau and more) to support you

Having a catalogue with 6000 items, allows the user to raise a Purchase Order based on this pre-exisiting catalogue. That catalogue stores all the supplier information – barcode, supplier code, description, ticket price, purchase price, images – that you need to both build an order, but also to support many of the live reporting grids in the system. Having created your Purchase Order, you can email it direct to the supplier and it will be sorted in supplier code order (if you wish)

Having created your Purchase Order, once it is received, your stock now holds the supplier part number and supplier barcode. A JewelMaster EPOS user can search on both fields, but also can scan the supplier barcode directly into the product search. It means you don’t have to re-ticket if you don’t need to and it will find the correct item. There is a Re-Order wizard, a Requirements Grid (combining Purchase and WholeSale orders), a Sales Grid, a Best Seller grid; all based around Catalogues. You can set maximum and minimum stock holdings per store. You can use a Catalogue to support a website