Purchase Orders

JewelMaster Pubackoffice_purchaseorderrchase Orders handles the creation of purchase orders and everything associated with that order – inputting the order, receiving against the order, printing the order, reporting outstanding order lines, reporting received order lines and even an expected payment date report for received lines.

You can raise a purchase order on any Supplier in the JewelMaster BackOffice database. Every purchase order can be based on a Supplier Catalogue. You can have as many Supplier Catalogues as you wish. We supply many many catalogues direct to our Customers (Pandora, Links, TrollBeads, Kit Heath, Chamilia, Eurocast, Fenion, Hirsch, Nominations, Clogau and more)

Purchase orders created without the support of a supplier catalogue, can have all the normal stockcard attributes attached to that item (cut, colour, clarity, metal, etc).

As you receive a line it will create the stock movement. You can part receive lines. You can print barcode tickets as you receive lines. You can email your order directly to the supplier. You can buy in currency. You can acquire On Appro or a Direct Purchase. You can mix the two on the same Purchase Order. There are too many options to list here