JewelMaster WholeSale catbackoffice_wholesaleers for those businesses that have a wholesale element – whole or part – to their operation

It covers everything from raising the initial sales order, through to the part or full dispatch of that order all the way to the creation of a sales invoice and\or credit notes.

Every item on the wholesale order can be included as an ‘on approval’ item or a direct ‘sold’ item. Dispatching an order ‘sells’ the actual stock in JewelMaster BackOffice. If you have salesman on the road, they can create wholesale orders on their portable and electronically send them into headoffice to be processed. Salesman can even mark items left at the customer from their own held stock on the wholesale order

A user can create multiple selling price lists and apply these to different customers, ensuring the right price is invoiced to the customer. A user can create new price lists in advance of their use. When attempting to dispatch an item JewelMaster WholeSale warns the user if the price offered is different to the customer associated price list. There is the ability to link Supplier Catalogues directly through to JewelMaster WholeSale. If you have ticket printing setup, you can print WholeSale Customer specific barcode tickets, thereby providing your end customer with retail tickets in their format directly from JewelMaster BackOffice