epos_currencyJewelMaster is multi currency by default.

There is no extra charge. There is no additional module

Being able to choose currencies means that stock can be bought in Euros or a customer can pay in US Dollars or an international transfer can move stock from a SFR cost base to a USD cost base. JewelMaster copes with all these circumstances and more.

Any installation of JewelMaster BackOffice automatically has a currency table there with all the major currencies pre-setup. Everywhere in the system where there is a stock movement, a user can do it in currency. For International Groups, an additional module, allows cross border transfers in any currency between different JewelMaster BackOffice setups, with movements either On Appro or Sold

A JewelMaster EPOS user can take in payment from a customer in any currency. As the images shows, the user can give change back to the customer in any currency. This means I can sell in USD, but from my till give back actual EUR’s. There is a “Give Back Local” button to give the exact local change.

JewelMaster EPOS stores all the exchange rates. These can be altered daily. A user can make use of the unique flag buttons to make choosing the correct currencies even easier.  JewelMaster EPOS automatically adjusts the home currency prices to be presented in the foreign currency. Everything can appear on a receipt.