What we offer

We genuinely care about our software and for you to get the best use from it

JewelMaster is the last independent UK company offering software solutions exclusively to the Jewellery trade

Everybody at JewelMaster is committed to providing the best software to support your business. Software does take time to write and test. However we have managed to issue at least two updates a year for the last fifteen years building on suggestions from Customers and industry trends. At the same time we have managed to keep the costs down to provide you with software that supports your business, but doesn’t drain your business.

We are “in the cloud”. We are “online”

You pay a fixed monthly fee covering access to to the software (always on the latest version) and support. It ‘s that simple – and you can login from wherever you can get an internet connection

This website is a teaser to what the system can provide.

The only way you can really see what it can do, is to have a demonstration. Contact a Partner and begin the process. Only then will you understand why so many Jewellers are turning to JewelMaster


JewelMaster Brochure 2024