In the end, nothing shouepos_imagests louder than a picture. It may be a picture of an item brought in for repair or an item needing a valuation or it may be an existing Stock Item image to print on a receipt, but being able to take\link a picture provides much more than just a file.

In JewelMaster EPOS only a few clicks and a few seconds is all that is required to take an image on a Repair. Turn over that watch and take two images. Take images when the repair is collected. It is so easy, but it can save you time and money. Please note that this feature requires hardware provided by a Partner to take advantage of the unique auto focus option. There are different camera options depending on the megapixel image size from 2MP up to 20MP, but all are auto-focus auto save options

In JewelMaster BackOffice a user can setup a naming convention for multiple images per stock item for use on a website and throughout the system. A user can also scan\link images to any manufacture, Images can be attached within JewelMaster Catalogues to auto connect to the associated stock item.

Many searches display images as part of the search. Sales grids in JewelMaster EPOS show images. Many reports can be run with or without images.

Images are integral to the use of JewelMaster