Bar-coded tickets

JewelMaster Bacbackoffice_ticketskOffice provides the opportunity to print a very wide range of tickets including very small loop, combination and pad label tickets.

These tickets print out the information stored in JewelMaster BackOffice. From a choice of hundreds of pre-set layouts. Each ticket can have a range of data printed on them. From prices, descriptions, codes, cut, colour, clarity, weight, stone type, metal, range, profile, barcodes and many other items of data.

JewelMaster BackOffice provides many chances to print labels as you work in the system. Tickets can be printed as you enter stock, as you transfer stock, as the receive stock on a Purchase Order, as you change ticket prices via a wizard or individually on a stockcard; you can even bulk print tickets for any date, supplier, stock group, stock code or price date change range. This means you can change a series of stock item ticket prices with no obvious connection and print new tickets for only those effected, all in one go. You can even print “was\now” style tickets

The JewelMaster BackOffice user not only decides what tickets to print (style, quantity, store), but also where to print those tickets. With unique software any ticket can be printed to any JewelMaster provided printer anywhere in the world. A Head Office user can print a single ticket direct to storeA or just to the room next door or downstairs. You can even print tickets personalised for your WholeSale customers needs

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