backoffice_stockformJSM BackOffice is the first module in any solution

JSM BackOffice provides the main stock data to JewelMaster EPOS. It is a comprehensive stock control, sales and manufacturing solution.

In line with the general pricing policy, it is one price for everything – stock cards, (movements, coding, weights, sizes, metals, cut, clarity, prices, etc), transaction processing (sales, purchases, on appro, materials, etc) full manufacturing (templates, components, WIP, notes, attachments, etc), images, stocktaking and many many reports (sales by supplier, aged stock, repair revenue, daily weekly or any period sales, manufacturing, sold items on approval, etc)

There are some extra modules for Customers with specific needs. JewelMaster Multi Store, if your business has more than one location or store; JewelMaster Purchase Ordering if your business needs to use Catalogues or wishes to buy stock using purchase orders and JewelMaster WholeSale, a module if your business has a wholesale component

Our software is hosted, so using JewelMaster BackOffice is covered within the monthly hosting fee. On the rare occasions we can’t offer a hosted route, we have to load the software in your store.  If this is the case, there is a one fee to load the standard JewelMaster BackOffice in your store and then there is then an annual support fee