JewelMepos_mainscreenaster EPOS is your Till

JewelMaster EPOS links into JSM BackOffice as part of the day end routine, but it gets most of it’s data automatically from JSM BackOffice

We like to keep the pricing clean and simple. There is one fee for the standard JewelMaster EPOS – £495. For that, Customers can operate a full touch screen, process sales, take deposits, run a full repairs book with images, take in second hand items and scrap, operate a full specials\commissions book, run promotion reports, run z reads, make use of an interactive sales grid, sell\redeem Gift Cards and many other tasks running a till requires.

There are many other hidden gems in the system. A Customer can print receipts to A4, A5 or tillroll (colour or mono), with or without images. The receipts can even be emailed. Customers can configure their own JewelMaster EPOS screen to include quick buttons for repeat stock items. JewelMaster EPOS can be set to operate in a pre-tax or post tax mode to take into account US style operations.  JewelMaster EPOS can handle multiple currencies, even giving change in a currency other than that received!

There are some extra modules to support the standard system. PostCode Lookup, if you wish to use the postcode to auto-fill an address; JewelMaster Marketing if Customers wish to support marketing campaigns and to add further functions into the repairs\specials\commissions books; and JewelMaster Loyalty to build in the use of your loyalty cards