manufacture_standardJewelMaster Manufacturing is a standard module in JewelMaster BackOffice.

The option provides the link with Commissions and Specials from JewelMaster EPOS as well as a full Template and Manufacturing module for all other work. Users can add materials, stock items, remarks, images, documents, activity notes, statuses, locations and many other components and content to support a full manufacturing process. When a commission is started, a manufacturing card is created ready for the user to build or assemble the item or items being sold on the Commission.

To make it easy for the user to track; the till receipt number supporting the commission, is the same number as the manufacture job number, which is the same reference as the stock code allocated to the manufactured item when it is finally made. There is a full history of every manufacture.

Components can be added from a purchase order, directly onto the manufacture or automatically from a pre-set Template. A component can be a whole number item (ie a casting) or a decimal (ie 0.012 grams). There is the option to record the physical quantity of the components (ie 3 stones, but 0.2 carats). A user can add the cost of a supplier invoice, worker or process time – all to provide as complicated or as simple a manufacturing unit cost as required.

Every manufacture also provides the user with the opportunity to record activities, interact with the BackOffice Calendar, write notes, create and print a process view of the manufacture, attach images and documents and many other useful options

There is a Manufacturing Template option for users who wish to build manufacturing templates for commonly manufactured items. This ensures the same components are required for each manufacture and any deviations from the template are recorded.

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