We can supply all youbackoffice_equipment2r hardware needs.

You can choose what quality\type of hardware you want to use. For example, you can spend £2000 on a slick modern colour finish touch screen or you can spend £500 and use a standard pc. The choice is yours.

Our provision of hardware covers everything from pc’s, handhelds, printers, scanners, slip printers, ticket printers, servers, routers and everything in between.

You are never obliged to buy any new hardware from any of our partners to operate our solution. If your current hardware items are usable, we will make use of them.  We can work with pc’s, mac’s, ipads and andriod machines. The key is to try and support how you wish to work.

Every installation is capable of being looked at and used from outside the office\shop or inside the office\shop. There are customers who are connected to their store from their beach home. We have customers who are connected from their office in one continent to one of their shops in another continent.

We host numerous customers in our own Cloud Farm. It’s water off a ducks back.