Work Calendar

The Work Calendar comes as standard with any JewelMaster EPOS purchase. There is no additional charge

The module provides the vital link between your customer, your work bag process, your jobbers and repairers (whether internal or external) for all Repairs, Special Orders or Pledge transactions. Nobody needs to leave a sticky note on the side of a desk, or a message in a book. Just Add an Activity to your job and it appears in the Calendar

The JewelMaster EPOS Work Calendar provides a Day-To-View or Month-To-View snapshot of all the Activities you are expecting, with the potential to be sub filtered by process type (repair, special, pledge), staff member and contact type (supplier, customer, internal). For example, a user can quickly see all the open Supplier linked Activities on Special Orders allocated to David

Each Activity can be superceded by another date stamped Activity, or form the basis for a text or email to the customer or jobber – whether internal or external