GDPR – EPOS has the solution to support you

Dealing with the introduction of GDPR

As part of our ongoing support to our customers the latest JewelMaster EPOS update includes specific functions to support GDPR

GDPR doesn’t mean a business can’t collect mail addresses or mobile numbers. In this context, GDPR is all about what personal detail a business can hold on it’s customers, what rights they have over it and a business needs to actively show you it is only holding onto it for the purposes for which it was given. There are numerous “rights” – a right to be forgotten, a right to have data portability, a right to object, a right to access, etc – in the regulations. JewelMaster is covering the ones it can. JewelMaster EPOS already has a process to cover the “right to object”.  The latest update covers two more, as well as introducing an expanded Add Customer process

1) the right to be forgotten
the new button based process in JewelMaster will clean out the customer name, address, email and phone numbers from the account, leaving just an account reference attached to the original transactions. We can’t remove the transactions, but they now have no “name detail” against them

2) the right to be informed
JewelMaster users need to demonstrate any customer detail held was freely given for the purposes it was intended to be used for. Thee update includes a new colour coded GDPR button and process. It will be viewable on a Repair, a Special and as you add a Customer to a normal transaction. The GDPR pop-up window lists the various communication types and associated choices, provides a print and re-scan facility to store the choices made and stores log file entries to support later confirmation

GDPR – EPOS has the solution to support you