epos_marketingJewelMaster Marketing links directly to JewelMaster EPOS.

It is an extra module that is activated within JewelMaster EPOS. It’s purpose is to allow you to contact your customers about their purchases or potential purchases based on buying history and to support the daily working of Repairs and Specials\Commissions

Before deciding how to send your list (email, text or letter), the first task is to build the list. Customers can create lists based on criteria such as value, supplier, stock group, address, part of an address, postcode, birth dates, wedding dates, preferred purchases, key phrases and any combination thereof. Your end customer can belong to as many lists as you wish and you can create lists as often as you wish.

Once you have your list, you can build a bulk SMS message (and be reminded by character counter) or you can construct your email with the WYSIWYG email builder. There is even a screen to show you how many actually received and even opened your email. JewelMaster EPOS will automatically mark as Do Not Mail any customers who click the Unsubcribe link on your email. We are confident it offers more than most well known online providers.

If you wish to send a letter or just create Avery or Dymo address labels, you can do that as well