2015 Spring Updates

Post Spring Fair updates

A new update to JSM BackOffice to include
the latest version is v5.2.34. Following comments at the show we have concentrated on stocktaking and links to Purchase Orders. There are other changes, but we listened and we made changes!

  • loads of new filter options for reports, finders and the stockcard
  • new procedures for stocktaking making¬† use of a stocktake scanner
  • auto processing of stocktake adjustments. Users can import the adjustment file and are presented with suggested movements. Any can be ignored or over-written
  • the introduction of multi currency catalogues to support users who buy in USD or EUR and it’s impact on the creation and handling of Purchase Orders
  • the application of freight and duty into stock costs from Purchase Orders so a user can add ¬£10 of freight and it will be allocated across the stock received

An update to JSM EPOS
the latest version is v5.2.50

  • increased login options with an extended on screen keyboard, to enable Customers with touch screens to make full use of their technology
  • an interactive JewelMaster EPOS grid to provide Customers with real time reporting, including the mixing of historic and live data
  • updates to the Calendar function to give Customers the ability to forward Activities straight from the Calendar with new follow-up dates and notes
  • a faster “Find a Receipt” option with links to the Customer account, re-printing the historical receipt and other options
  • adding Flag icons to multi currency to make it easier for Customers who sell in multiple currencies to choose the right currency
2015 Spring Updates