Coronavirus Covid-19 Support

Customer personal safety is paramount at this time.

Everyone at JewelMaster is committed to supporting our customers, whether this covers supporting the closing of stores and working from home or continuing to keep the store or work base open.

As part of this package of support, those customers who use jmcloud, to access JewelMaster will have all their host access charges for the month of April set aside.

Everybody at JewelMaster already works from distributed offices, accessing all their tools, telephones, email and other resources directly from the ‘jmcloud‘. This has been the case for years, so no new processes are being introduced specifically to support how we work at this time. By default we can self isolate without any change in location or access capabilities

For the foreseeable future, we have stopped all site visits, to ensure we are available online and via the normal telephone number each day.

Those JewelMaster users who access their services\applications via the ‘jmcloud‘ should continue to do so as they have in the past with no changes to the process. For those customers moving staff to working from home or thinking about moving staff to work from home; there is no technical issue why their access would not work from their home access point and we will support setting up home users

Those JewelMaster users who access their services\applications locally on their own pc’s and servers and who we do not host; we will still continue to support and connect exactly as we do now. Each customer is different, but you may wish to talk to us about whether you wish for us to host our services\applications in ‘jmcloud‘ during this difficult period so your staff can work from home

Coronavirus Covid-19 Support