2016 Spring Summer Updates

We’ve released more updates

A new update to JSM BackOffice to include
the latest version is v5.4.04. There are other changes to BackOffice, but we have listened to our customers and we have made changes!

  • new Material StockCard to auto separate materials from saleable stock
  • improvements to the auto EPOS update, so users can make bulk update choices by supplier or stock group
  • a new Attendance module to enable multi-store users to manage staff access and passwords centrally
  • a new Calendar to support the workflow control of Manufacturing and repair costing interactions in BackOffice
  • updates to Manufacturing to enable process views. this gives users the opporuntity to map the manufacture process on the specific manufacture
  • improved supplier detail enabling quick views of products supplied and products in stock as well as Activity Notes management
  • more links for Order Management with order taking websites – retail and wholesale

An update to JSM EPOS
the latest version is v5.3.70. Just when you think you’ve covered all needs, users think of more – and we respond

  • changes to the calendar to allow users more control over daily views, weekly views and what Activity Notes to show
  • extra choices for the green\red icons used for quick customer notifications – thumbs or boxes
  • quick buttons to see quickly return 1yr, 2yr, 3yr sales to that Customer
  • adding in GiftCard redemption directly onto the Specials and\or Repair
  • enabling users to print a DayEnd report directly to their slip printer
  • extra functions with the email : receipts can be automatically emailed to preferred customers; replies to texts build into the repair or special audit trails; email marketing unsubscribes auto update the customer accounts and other linked email functions
2016 Spring Summer Updates