Repair Portal

The Repair Portal is not an extra module. It is part of the standard JewelMaster EPOS. It creates a browser based solution for controlling Repairs for any Jeweller who wishes to offer their customers either transparency of in-store repairs or run a web based repair service or both. The Repair Portal is hosted in the JMCloud. The Repair Portal requires JewelMaster EPOS to be present. The Repair Portal can support and work across multiple stores

Any repair that is is added or amended in JewelMaster EPOS, is automatically swept up into the Repair Portal and is immediately accessible by the customer from any location on any device. For example, a customer on a train could access the Repair Portal via their mobile device using their preferred browser, see that a comment has been left by the Jeweller and reply . The reply is taken straight back to the live Repair record in JewelMaster EPOS

The customer accesses the portal with a unique username and password, so can only access their own repairs. The customer can see the repair description, any work required text, all the comment based conversations between themselves and the Jeweller, any repair images and their own contact details.

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