epos_handheldYou can support your full JewelMaster EPOS  installation using handhelds and iPads. Clearly the screens are smaller, but it can be done.

What our Customers told us was that they didn’t always want the full JewelMaster EPOS but an additional quick EPOS tool to support their business. As always, we listened to you.

JewelMaster EPOS Lite is a product designed for a handheld device. It allows you to do what you are asking for – make sales, search products, take in repairs and create commissions\orders. It supports your sales process. You can take your Customer into the viewing room and take their order. You can assist a Customer looking for a silver item that costs between £100 and £195 whilst standing by the cabinet. You can take in a repair because the main Till is busy.

Quick, intuitive and supportive. Once you have created the transaction, you can finish it off at the main Till, whilst packing and taking the money.