Repairs Portal – £79 pcm

This cost is only for customers who do not use our full system. A full JewelMaster EPOS system user already has this option.

“For users who only want to offer a Repairs system without taking on board stock and all the other components of the solution; for new customers coming on board in 2020 only, for only £79 per month, available 24/7 from our own Cloud, through our Gold FTTP network, it’s a steal” said Ryba Macaulay Ltd Technical Director, Viv Burrows

A single user Repairs system, linked into the Customer Portal. Add images, text, stages, emails, values and have the necessary detail automatically on the Customer Portal

£79 pcm (before VAT), for a minimum 12months

Every Customer can access their repairs online via their pc, MAC or mobile. Your Customer can leave messages, receive emails, see the status and images associated with the repair

“We thought it might help our customers, but we are amazed by the response” said Viv Burrows. “We introduced the Repairs Portal a few months ago without fanfare to a few customers. The feedback has been incredible. One customer has even started an Online Repairs business as a result. It is free to users of the full JewelMaster EPOS system, but this option is a standalone Repair solution”

Repairs Portal – £79 pcm