Jewelbackoffice_webcardMaster BackOffice can support any website

We can automate the upload of data from JewelMaster BackOffice to a website that we’ve written and support

We can provide data from JewelMaster BackOffice to a location that your web developer can use to support your website

There are enough fields and process in the standard JewelMaster BackOffice to support the data requirements for eBay, Amazon and own domains.  Any changes to the details in JewelMaster BackOffice  can be taken up to the web presence. There is even a WYSIWYG Text Editor on the stockcard so you can design the web text without ever visiting the website. Various tick boxes help control if data gets to or is taken down from the website. You can even control your website menu structure by completing the necessary fields. Any sales or orders taken on the website can be set to come back into your business via individual emails or import files; the choice depends on your business model and volume.