pledgeJSM Pledge covers all options for your Pledge\Pawn business. From Immediate Buy-In’s , Deferred Buy-In’s, Buy Backs and full Pledge contracts. This additional module to the standard JewelMaster EPOS

It starts with identifying the Customer.  If it’s an existing customer, a user is quickly presented with all the deals, past and present, with that customer, before being giving the chance to start a new deal. If a user just wants to see existing deals to order to add a note, receive a payment, print or re-print contract documents or just view the contract, it is a single mouse click to view all deals

As part of building a contract, the user can scan any proof of residence and\or proof of ID documents, choose the type of contract (buy-in, buy-back, etc) choose the interest rate or interest value, choose to conclude the deal based on days or months, include multiple stock lines (with associated images), see any active or closed contracts with that customer and add notes as necessary. On completion of the raw data, the type chosen then filters the correct contract and letter formats.  Every contract or letter document is available for adjustment to fit the letter headed stationery or the precise wording for that user. Every Pledge deal has a full Audit Trail of every action, so a user can quickly see any notes, payments, receipts, and interactions with the customer. There is a stocking process for all transactions where it is relevant. There is even a process to renew or rollover any deal into a new deal

Our software is hosted, so using this additional module to JewelMaster EPOS is covered within the monthly hosting fee. On the rare occasions we can’t offer a hosted route, we have to load the software in your store.  If this is the case, there is a one fee to load the module in your store and then there is then an annual support fee