JewelMaster MultiStore abackoffice_stocktransferdds the functionality to create and control multiple stores from one JewelMaster BackOffice.

This is an important point to make clear again. You do not need a BackOffice for every store. You only ever need one BackOffice per home currency. You also do not need to artificially sell and artificially buy a stock item to move it from one store to another. All you do is transfer it, using the transfer process in the image!

Once the extra module is activated, the Customer can create as many stores as required. There is no limit. If you have three shops, you can setup a Head Office store, three shop stores, a store called Main Safe or any other store\location that enables the you to match how your business works.

Almost every report is automatically available to be run for one store or a range of stores. For example the Customer can run a sales report (there are quite a few of those) for a single store or all stores. You can manufacture a new item for a specific store. You can satisfy a Special\Commission created at a store. Stock-take procedures can be run store by store.

As mentioned before, transferring stock between stores is easy. A user completes a transfer process in JewelMaster BackOffice (see image) and if necessary prints a transfer form for stores to sign. Within a timed period, the stock is automatically available at the new store and not at the old store. You can include as many stock lines and quantities on the same transfer as required