JSM Accounts

In the past we have provided a linked accounts package with JewelMaster BackOffice. When pushed, so many Customers already had an accounts systems they were happy with or relied on data sent to their Accountants, so we listened and changed track.

JewelMaster BackOffice will provide the necessary text files to import into most accounting packages. Some of those packages can auto-import the files, others need the Customer to manually activate the import. Within JewelMaster BackOffice we do provide reports to support VAT Margin Scheme requirements. We do provide sufficient reports to cover all the sales and purchase value requirements. JewelMaster EPOS will generate reports to support those Customers who fill in the sales portion of their VAT returns based on Cash Received

What was clear from our Customers, was that we needed to concentrate on stock and jewellery, not accounting for telephone bills!;¬† ….so we have.